Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Choir Tour Tee Shirt

I sincerely trust that gordonrasmith will not object that I've Blogged one of his photos from Flickr.

This is the detail from one of the tee-shirts from the 1990 St Mary's Cathedral Choir tour of Scotland which I wrote about recently. The printing on the tee shirts was exactly the same as on the red sweatshirts we were all wearing in the photo I posted. The black and white photo that is. So you'll just need to trust me that they were red!

In the post from a few days ago you can see one person, DW, centre row furthest left, wearing his sweatshirt back to front to show the map, which as you can see above contains times, locations and types of service in each cathedral.

Oh, and there's a cunning plan to do it all again in the 20th anniversary year. Next year that would be. A plan hatched in the pub after Evensong last Sunday.

So there's now a Facebook group as well as a Flickr group relating to the aforementioned cunning plan.

All we need to do now is organise it, so does anyone want to help ...............!


  1. There are also blue sweatshirts and t-shirts around. I think my sweatshirt is in a box somewhere.

  2. Howdy Lay Clerk !

    To add to the historical record - I can VOUCH that this very T-shirt was actually IN the photo concerned (tho as it was underneath a - yes - RED sweatshirt - it's not exactly visible.....)

  3. Sadly Pencefn, my sweatshirt has long since bit the dust!

    ChickPea, you mean to say I have unwittingly posted a photo of your underwear? I say! Racy!