Monday, December 01, 2008

The message

Interesting version of Gabriel's Message, sung by the Edinburgh Singers, with some great oboe playing.


  1. Have to agree with you - really great oboe playing.

  2. Most lovely! I found you thru Fr. Kelvin's blog.

  3. I just love that hymn. That choir has a few hotties-from-Hottingham, n'est pas?

  4. Pencefn, yes, it is.

    Susan s,welcome, and I hope you enjoy my wee Blog and return often.

    Sir Monocle, yes it's a cracking hymn, and oui, c'est ca, there are a fair number of hotties in the Edinburgh Singers (as indeed is the oboe player, my friend Rona!), but then again that choir has a history of hotties singing in it. Coincidentally (not) my lovely girlfriend, RE, used to sing with them! Go figure!