Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ernie 3

The latest on Ernie is that he continues to feel better, if the look of him is anything to go by anyway, and his blood readings are pretty much sorted. So, mirabile dictu, he's coming home!

He was due to finish his drip this afternoon, then the drip catheter was going to be removed and he is being left like that overnight to make sure he's doing OK. I then collect him tomorrow early evening.

He's still not out the woods, and his kidneys might prove not to be up to their job, but at the very least he's coming home to spend some quality time with me and little (well, not so little really) Elmo.

Thanks so much for all the messages of support, and for all the support you haven't told me about. Please continue to send waves of positivity towards Ernie, because he still needs it, and will do for the foreseeable future.


  1. Good o! Tell him, whiskers up and a fish from me.

  2. Yay, Nice one. I'm sure he will be fine. Our old cat had a similar problem with her kidneys before we had her and she went on to live another 10 happy years with us, with only an annual booster fight with the vet. Now on to cat Mk II who is now 5 months old and different but great nonetheless.

    Go Ernie!!

  3. Brilliant news ! Thank goodness. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  4. Glad to hear of this happy ending for Ernie! Blessings.

  5. Thanks (yet again) to all of you. I am humbled by the good wishes of friends from real life, like chickpea, and friends from t'InterWeb, like can bass 1, alistairl, sir monocle, colleen, tenon saw, and the dotterell.

    On behalf of my small associate Ernie, thank you one and all.

    The latest is that he's home and looking better, but still a sick pussy cat. It's early days though.