Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Awareness test

Watch the video carefully and see if you can count how many passes the team in white makes.


  1. I had seen something similar with a gorilla and whilst waiting for the gorilla, I was not counting the passes - and still missed the bear.

  2. Good effort pencefn!

    You are currently in last place in the awareness test!


  3. I object - the last place is definitely MINE - I still can't see the ****** bear even when I'm looking for it !

  4. Seriously? It wanders in from right to left just after they all start chucking the balls about, dances about in the centre of the screen for a moment, then moonwalks off to the left hand side.

    Or are you taking the piss!


  5. I saw your 'bear' fine when TH pointed it out before I got your reply Mr LC..... BUT - it's NOT actually 'a bear' - not even a good bear suit - and 'dancing' is something of an overstatement - looks much like the dark team, really...... (and CERTAINLY doesn't look like a cyclist......)- did YOU see the kinda 'teddybear' shadow right at the back off the room that moves from mid-left to mid-right......

    No - I'm REALLY NOT 'taking the p' at all - if i'm driving (rather than sitting in a cumfy chair looking at a computer screen) and considering pulling out I look for 'what is coming along', not specifically for a 'car', a 'motorcyclist', a 'fanny crossing the road dressed up in a sort of bear suit', a 'lorry', a 'bicycle',a 'van' etc.......
    Personages dressed up and fannying across the stage are nothing to do with 'counting passes' after all - same as someone 100 yds along the other side of the street putting up a bill hoarding is nuthin' to do with 'is it safe for everyone if I pull out of this junction just now'.....
    I stand firmly on my teatray upon your shifting sands.....
    ....and I staunchly defend my right to hold 'last place in the awareness test ' !

  6. I know what my standard of dancing is, and believe me, that bear was dancing! :-)

    No I can't see the teddy bear shadow, but I'll look again later after a drink or two!

    And how very dare you question that poor bear's veracity! I'm sure he can't help it if he's a bit scabby, but to suggest he's a personage dressed up, well, words fail me!

    And OK, I accept your claim over pencefn for current last place, we just need to decide now whether that means I buy you a drink after choir practice tomorrow, or you buy me one! Hmmm, a dilemma!