Monday, August 04, 2008

Technicolour yawning

A good weekend that was.

The inaugural residential rehearsal weekend of the Royal School of Church Music Scottish Voices choir. At Strathallan private school in rural Perthshire. Very posh. Apart from the accommodation that is, which was surprisingly basic. But the teaching bits seemed more than adequate!

Anyway, suffice to say for the moment that a combination of Lager, Red Wine, Gin & Tonic, and Port does not make for a happy tummy. Spectacularly so, but in a controlled way, if you get my drift. That said I have heard a suggestion that there was no Gin in the Gin & Tonic, and if truth be told I was so pissed I couldn't tell you if that's right or not. Whatever. I had enough wine to drink that I feel justified in my not-wellness anyway!

The choir seemed to gel fairly quickly under the expert arm waving of FW. He really is very good at it you know!

Off to bed fairly soon now, I need my beauty sleep. Not for the first time, work has sprung a last minute surprise on me this afternoon, and tomorrow I have a "chat" with some very important visiting inspectors because others, perhaps better or at least equally suited to it and certainly better paid for it, don't want to do it. Ah well, shit flows downwards. We've only known the dates for this visit for several months, so why would anyone plan ahead!


  1. Trust me there was VERY little tonic in that G&T I poured for you at the bar or mine for the mater.
    I believe that the peanuts were bad. Again!

  2. A lack of Tonic in a G&T is always better then a lack of Gin in one, I say. Although I probably wouldn't have said that on Sunday morning!

  3. In fact, I just realised I didn't know it was you who'd poured it for me. It just appeared in my hand after I ran out of wine!

  4. So iz it true to say that wiz gs respondin' to yer whinin', Mr Lay Clerk ?

  5. No, he apparently responded to my lack of wine'in by providing Gin'in (the glass!)