Tuesday, July 08, 2008

St George

I like this image. It's one of the statues at the top of the tower, which is the bottom of the spire, of St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow's Great Western Rd. It looks roughly north west I think.

The chance to go up the tower arose unexpectedly the other week when a friend, who happens to be a bellringer, was going up to do some maintenance work, so RE and I, and another two, went up with him, and then continued up past the ringing chamber, up past the bellchamber, and out onto the parapet. Quite a view from up there!

Unfortunately I only had my old wee Olympus Mju camera with me and not my new Finepix one, but I think I managed one or two reasonable shots, of which this is probably my favourite.


  1. "Stunning" picture, I would say Layclerk. Thank you for introducing him to us (after all these years !). Keep shooting ....

  2. Fantastic picture - brings back memories of our climb of the tower in December 1989.

  3. Thanks chickpea and pencefn.

    Yes, indeed pencefn the memories were there, just under the surface!

    And chickpea, I was aware you had started a Blog, but thought you were keeping its location a secret, and despite my best efforts I never quite found it by my own searching (a sad admission for someone in my profession!). Now that I've seen it, and read it (and shed a tear or two while doing so), I've linked to you on this modest effort. Hope you don't mind.

  4. I concur. That's one excellent shot.

  5. Hi Lay Clerk - The Time Seemed Right. Wasn't really A Secret - just Hiding A Little While Vulnerable. Fledging..... stretching the wings a little in sheltered spaces is ok, now acknowledging the sky.....

  6. I remember the view well, having climbed up with Malcolm Grant and Bishop Derek to do some sort of blessing after or during the Restoration!

  7. Kenny,

    apologies if I missed your name off the post I did in January 2007 which can be found at http://thecathedralchoir.blogspot.com/2007/01/bit-of-height.html but it was clearly such a long time ago that I have forgotten who was all there apart from the ones in the photos by Stewart, which are on that post.

    Assuming it's the same occasion we are talking about, and I can't imagine there were too many climbs up to do blessings, it was the topping out of the spire right at the very top.

    Happy days!