Saturday, July 12, 2008

How did YOU get here?

One of the spinoffs from having the Feedjit Widget in the sidebar showing where visitors to this Blog are from, is that it shows how they actually got here. You can tell whether they landed directly (suggesting they've got it bookmarked or they have manually typed in the known URL), followed a link from an email (could have been from my signature on the bottom of my emails), or much more interestingly if they have arrived via a search engine what search terms they used.

Some of the things people have searched for, and ended up on this Blog (and where they were from) are:
  • The Straw Locomotive (Macau, Ilhas)
  • Catriona Hetherington (Melbourne, Victoria and Brooklyn, New York)
  • (Neftenbach, Zurich)
  • Condescending phrases (Molalla, Oregon)
  • Louise Jolly (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Advanced (United States)
  • Jonathan Cohen +Piano (Andover, Hampshire)
  • Telemann Ensemble Glasgow (Glasgow)
  • Choir Greenock (Faroe Islands)
  • Famous buildings of Millport (United Kingdom)
  • The Cathedral end Blog (Adelaide, South Australia)
The mind boggles at some of these. Why might someone in the Faroe Islands be interested in Greenock choirs? How many famous buildings are in Millport? Is Buckfast as big a seller in Zurich as it is in Lanarkshire?

As an aside it's amazing how many people search the terms condescending phrases or useful condescending phrases, and strangely they mostly seem to be from the USA!

I think I may make this a recurring theme, if there are interesting ones.


  1. I had a similar thought to find out how visitors reach my fotopic site. I shamelessly followed your lead a few days ago and added Feedjit to my site. Time will tell how people reach my site.

    Thanks for the idea.

  2. Do you know, I think I might do the same? What a fascinating little toy. (The Feedjit thingy, of course!)

  3. I surfed here from another blog. It is amazing where the hits come from isn't it? See Here