Sunday, June 08, 2008

Second Sunday

Second Sunday of the month today. That means that this morning I turned up at PC World car park in Glasgow and joined seven other members of Glasgow North group of the Institute of Advanced Motorists for a nice long run.

We headed off for Oban, via a quick stop at Inveraray (see photo) then down to Lochgilphead and up the A816 to Oban for a lunch of (tasty but slightly greasy) fish & chips. Off again along the A85 and a quick stop at Tyndrum for coffee and ice cream, although at this point I didn't wait as I wanted to get back home earlier than I would have been if I'd waited for the rest.

A nice sunny day, and glorious scenery, but to be honest I was fairly bored. Can't quite put my finger on why, it was just a tedious run playing follow my leader at a fairly sedate pace with, for me anyway, nothing to commend itself to me.

Ah well, I suppose it can't hit the spot every time!

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