Sunday, June 01, 2008


I've had a good weekend, thanks very much for asking.

Finished a three day course in Edinburgh on Friday and had a quick drink in All Bar One in Glasgow city centre en route home, then a mixture of lounging about doing very little (very enjoyable) and spending time with RE (even more enjoyable) who has been rehabilitated and allowed back into normal society after spending lots of time over the past weeks and weeks studying for an exam which happened last Tuesday. In truth we didn't do all that much, apart from a good walk along the Forth & Clyde canal which passes close to where I live, but being again able to spend time in each other's company was great.

Evensong tonight was pretty good, with the full choir including adults and the relatively recently formed trebles choir participating, and FW conducting (best conductor I know) with OR on the organ. OR is a fantastic organist, and his psalm (and hymn) accompaniments are, for me, pretty much on a par with those of BP when he was at the cathedral. Those who know the organist emeritus of the cathedral, BP, will realise that this is intended as very high praise of OR, who due to work commitments is sadly leaving his post as assistant organist at the cathedral at the end of this term. He will be missed, but at least he's not leaving Glasgow, so I look forward to our paths crossing in the future on a hopefully regular basis, both musically and socially.

After a public holiday last Monday (and the preceding Friday which made it a very long holiday weekend), followed by one day, Tuesday, at work then three days at the other side of the country on a course, it's back to reality tomorrow.

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