Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aye Ready

It's a glorious sunny day and it's Wednesday. That means it's the evening for the Glasgow North Group of the IAM to have their weekly bike ride. Yet a few hundred miles from this city the famous Glasgow Rangers football club are playing in the final of the UEFA cup in Manchester, which sounds terribly exciting as it's being touted as the biggest European game the club have had since 1972.

The question therefore is this:

Is there going to be anyone else turning up for the bike ride? All will be revealed within the hour when I get there!

Update Thursday 15th: Yes indeed there were a few there, and more than I had expected. A good run up to Balmaha (near Loch Lomond) but I got very cold on the way back home for some reason, and combined with the previous night (Tuesday) being spent between the bedroom and the toilet (don't ask) and the subsequent (i.e. Wednesday) night being spent in a similar fashion, after having vomited for Britain before I went to bed, I am not a happy bunny today.

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