Friday, April 18, 2008

Isn't it called Snickers now?

That's Cassie Glass in the photo. I work with Cassie.

She ran in the London Marathon last year and raised over £1000 for Cancer Research.

This year, on Sunday 25th May, she will be running in the Edinburgh Marathon, and is aiming to surpass the admirable efforts of 2007 by raising even more for Cancer Research.

Cancer is a nasty thing, and it affects us all. I can't imagine there is one person reading this Blog who hasn't had a friend or relative ill with some form of cancer.

I know I have.

A very close relative died at a very very young age 12 years ago. Three weeks from today she would have been a young woman celebrating her 17th birthday, but she isn't here to do that.

Think about your own friends and relatives, and think about how you could help them through cancer, or help them to avoid cancer, or how you could celebrate their lives by helping defeat this disease.

Click on Cassie's photograph, or here, and donate something towards Cancer Research. OK, it'll help Cassie towards her target, but her target isn't just financial, it's the aim of getting rid of cancer, and YOU can help.

You don't have to donate much, but donate something.


Thank you.

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