Thursday, January 10, 2008

The wonders of modern science

Now here's a handy thing I've never seen before.

I was in the new Silverburn shopping centre in Glasgow yesterday (don't bother, it's not that great), and when I returned to the multi storey carpark after wandering around the shops for 5 minutes before getting bored, I noticed that above each parking space there is a light. Said light is green if the space is empty, and red if it is occupied. Presumably there is a sensor in each light fitting to detect the presence of a vehicle.

It made no difference yesterday because the place was virtually empty, but when it's busy it must be a fantastically simple way to spot empty parking spaces as you drive around. Why has every multi storey not got them?

Choir starts back again tonight (Glasgow Chamber Choir, that is) after our Christmas break. OR is our guest conductor for the next concert (23rd February) and that'll be good because it's always a pleasure to sing for him.

After what for some reason seems like an extended holiday from it, I'm really looking forward to seeing the folks of GCC again, old friends and ones that are new since I returned to the choir last year after a break of a couple of years. I first sang with GCC when it was founded back in 1994, left in 1997, joined again in 2001, left again in 2005 and rejoined in September 2007. I might stick it out this time!

Speaking of old friends, and mindful of the image on the right, I had a good evening of mild debauchery the other night in the Three Judges pub at Partick Cross in Glasgow with RN, GS, JM, AD, RE and GS, and a very pleasant time was had setting the world to rights with a wide ranging list of topics covered. Very wide ranging! Nice to catch up with them all, and really there's no reason we couldn't do it more often. Debauchery is a good thing, in moderation and between consenting adults!

And as far as the image is concerned, no, the Three Judges does not serve tiny umbrellas in their drinks. It does sometimes sell lovely pork pies though, which are worth going in for on their own, never mind all the lovely Real Ale on offer!

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