Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Creative geography

There I was getting changed after my physiotherapy on Monday afternoon, when I overheard two physiotherapists chatting as they also got changed at the end of their shift (males I should say, lest you think I was getting changed with female physiotherapists. I should be so bloody lucky, they are mostly babes!).

They were youngish blokes, and judging by the accents neither was from Glasgow (or anywhere near) and they were chatting about where their respective flats were and how they routinely made their way home. One said that he almost always ran home, since he only lived in the southside of Glasgow and it was quicker to run than to get a bus to the city centre then a bus to the southside. The other said he usually walked home, and he had a flat "on the outskirts of the West End, in Ruchill" as I very nearly choked as I tried to contain myself.

Yes, ok this is probably a bit of an in-joke for Glaswegians, and for that I apologise to anyone not familiar with the area. Suffice to say it's very creative geographical profiling! You will no doubt be able to think of an equivalent junkie-bastard-stocked crime-ridden sink estate near you or known to you and a posh slightly up-itself area relatively near it, so you can understand why I nearly choked while trying to suppress laughter.

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