Saturday, September 22, 2007

Grammar Nazi

First, congratulations to Emma & Andy Mogendorff on the birth of their daughter Dara, a sister for Toby, a few days ago. Andy used to sing in St Mary's Cathedral Choir, but now lives across the pond in Minnesota. Andy's Blog is always worth a read.

I've just finished re-reading the rather excellent A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. I heartily recommend it to you if you haven't already read it, particularly if, like me, you're a sucker for that very modern genre, books on Popular Science. The image on the right kind of sums up the sort of normal "easy" explanations you come across, but Bill Bryson's book is wonderfully well written and explains things to the layman.

Apologies for the image below (no, not really, I make no apologies for anything written in or displayed on this Blog) but it's on a subject close to my heart. Grammar that is, not necrophilia. The Website from which it comes contains brilliant cartoons, but let's just say they aren't always ones you'd allow your maiden aunt to see. In these days of youngsters often spelling using txt spk, even when not actually using Short Messaging Service (SMS) on their phones, it saddens me that spelling and grammar seem to be dying skills amongst a large part of the population.

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