Saturday, August 25, 2007


Money? I've forgotten all about it! And the reason? I've spent the best part of nine hours riding today. A grand total of about 360 miles in all, which is a fair distance on a motorcycle.

Where did I go?

From Glasgow down the M74 to Carlisle then along the A69 where I made a detour and investigated the little villages of Farlam and Talkin where I have some ancestry (quite a considerable bit in fact) but have never visited before, then onto the military road which runs parallel to the A69 and follows Hadrian's Wall to Newcastle upon Tyne, down to the Metro Centre in Gateshead (toilet stop!), over the Redheugh Bridge into Newcastle, back over the Tyne Bridge to Gateshead again, back over the Tyne Bridge again to Newcastle and up the Great North Road through Gosforth and past All Saints Church where I used to sing once upon a time, up the A1 into Morpeth where I used to live, further up the A1 to the McDonalds restaurant at the north end of Berwick on Tweed for a food break, all the way up the A1 to Portobello then in past Meadowbank Stadium to Princes St and along past Haymarket where I realised there had been a rugby match at Murrayfield so I joined a horrendous traffic jam all the way along Corstorphine Rd, onto the M8 and back to Glasgow. You can see the route if you click on the map on the right.

And it may be risking putting a curse on it, but the bike is running very well indeed. Effortless high speed cruising, as indeed it was designed to do by the nice people at BMW.

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  1. Glad you are all up and running and enjoying yourself!!!! The positive thinking WORKED!! ;) ;)