Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Slogans and meetings

Sorry, can't resist this story which I shamelessly pinched from The Herald Diary:

It concerns a chap at Prestwick Airport who notices an attractive air stewardess at the next table in the coffee shop, but he is unable to make out what airline she is with.

So, being chatty, he leans across and says to her: "We'll take more care of you," but she gives him a blank look.

So he thinks to himself that she's not with British Airways as she didn't recognise their advertising slogan.

Next he tries: "More than just flying" - Iberian's slogan, but again just a hostile stare. Finally, after saying to her: "A great way to fly" - which he remembered as the Singapore Airlines slogan, she barks at him: "What the hell do you want?"

So he sits back in his chair and thinks: "Ah, yes, Ryanair."

Anyway, off today to Stirling University Management Centre, whatever the hell that is, for a meeting on a subject I know nothing of. At very short notice I have obviously been very carefully selected (i.e. no one else fancied it so they stuck me in instead) to represent my employers on a user group workshop for some sort of performance management software. I was given some light reading (17 pages) as background information yesterday and frankly had lost the will to live after the first few pages. I'm supposed to be putting forward and discussing our requirements as a prospective user of this software. I had never even heard of it until last Thursday when I was asked to attend the meeting, and I had never read a single word about it or the project until yesterday. Should be interesting!

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