Saturday, June 09, 2007


On the right is an Oxford Boss Alarm disc lock. It features all sorts of impressive security features, not least of which is a 100dB alarm if the thing is tamperfered with. To you, £59.95 only. It is currently nestling happily on the front brake disc of my motorcycle parked outside the flat, protecting it gently.

Yes, that's right. I am riding again, several weeks before I thought I would be. Hurrah!

The bike (see photo) has been safely and securely parked at work for the past lots of weeks, but yesterday I had reason to move it to allow access to a building's perimeter over the weekend for some work to be done. To my surprise, I found it really easy to ride it the 50 yards or so to its new temporary location. So when I woke this morning with basically no pain in my ankle, I thought I'd go to work in the car, dressed for biking, and give it a quick careful go round the block. Fifty of your finest miles later, via Lanarkshire to check my brother's lockup garage was OK, I parked it outside home and I am back in biking action. I had no problems whatsoever and despite this I'll still be careful and gentle for the foreseeable future.

So having moved from a flat with an integral garage in which the car and bike fitted safely, I am now in a flat with only on-road parking. Hence the disc lock with alarm.

I'm about to use public transport to get to work and collect the car. Hopefully the bike will still be here when I return!

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