Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to normal (whatever normal is)

I now have heating. Mirabile Dictu! The cats look pleased. I am pleased.

Back to work yesterday. Went well but I have a lot to catch up to try to get up to date with what's happening. This evening my ankle is fairly badly swollen in comparison with what it's been recently. A handful of painkillers and a glassful of Gin & Tonic seems to be in order. Then an early night. It's strange setting the alarm to get up in the morning.

A few posts ago I mentioned engineering and I was accused by Gogs of not loving it enough. Just to show that I love engineering just the right amount, I have sourced the image below. You should try building it sometime. Sorry that I can't remember where I swiped the image. If you know the origin please let me know and I will attribute it appropriately.

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