Monday, April 23, 2007

Walls have ears

Sitting in the barber's chair this morning regaling the staff with tales of how I was injured while saving a child from a burning orphanage (funnily enough they didn't believe me, but then again they have known me for about 10 years) and then telling them the real story when up piped a voice from the chair next to me which said "wasn't it me who saw you when you had your accident?" and yes indeed, the nice man who had held the shop door open for me to struggle in on crutches and who looked slightly familiar had thought I'd looked familiar too and when I was subsequently recounting tales of derring-do (OK, of middle aged men playing badminton) he recognised me from 5 weeks ago when he was working in A&E. I seamlessly announced that of course the medical staff had been wonderful etc etc (in fact they were very good).

Small world, and worth remembering that you never know who's listening. Just as well that firstly my experience in A&E had been good, and secondly that if it hadn't been good I hadn't been badmouthing them to the barber.

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