Tuesday, May 01, 2007

At last it can be told

My offer has now been accepted and the necessary legal bits basically completed, so I am just about back on the housing ladder again. Hurrah!

I have to say I was feeling genuinely sick on the day I made the offer while waiting for the answer in case the offer was rejected. I feel pretty happy now that it seems all to be OK.

The entry date is Thursday 10th May, which seemed like ages away when the ball started rolling, but of course is now less than a couple of weeks. The flat is nice, and while there's some potential for improvements and changes, there's actually not very much needing done right away.

So where is it?

I was looking to remain in the west end of Glasgow, albeit I was very aware that the budget I am prepared to spend wouldn't get me much there. I like to think that the flat is in the Greater West End. It's actually in Clydebank, five and a half miles west of where I am now! It's close to Clydebank railway station and very near Dumbarton Road, so getting into the "real" west end should be easy.

The location of the flat is roughly 500 yards from the site of the John Brown Shipyard where various Cunard ships were built including the Royal Yacht Britannia, RMS Queen Mary, RMS Queen Elizabeth & RMS QEII.

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