Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Where have I been?

The above map was originally posted on 13th March 2007 and updated on 25th April 2007 to add one wee country, Belgium. Below though is the latest version, showing France and the USA. Seems like a lot of red in north America just because I've been in one state, California!

create your own visited country map

How crap is that still? And the only reason The Netherlands are on there is because I visited Holland with secondary school in about 1975 by coach! A school trip, I ask you!

The mountains of Oman I visited on a day trip while in Dubai in 2002. And Germany - I had changeovers at Frankfurt airport enroute to and from Dubai. And I haven't been in mainland Spain, only Lanzarote but I couldn't select that on its own. Ireland I visited with Glasgow University Chapel Choir on a tour of Dublin.

Note to self: Must do better at travelling!

On the upside though, I do have a very good working knowledge of the geography of much of England and most of Scotland!

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