Thursday, February 01, 2007

o rly?

Yes Really!

Twice in one week without alcohol. Who'd have believed it. Certainly not me and probably not many who know me.

Having abstained on Monday I went for a meal on Tuesday and let's face it, there's no point going to a restaurant if you're not drinking as well as eating so I ordered house red (Montepulciano since you ask) while having some very nice pasta in Di Maggio's in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow city centre. Off then to The Counting House just round the corner to meet CH, who conducts a choir on a Tuesday and they follow the rehearsal with a trip to this pub. Lovely building, former bank. Anyway, more drink was had.

But last night I didn't feel like drinking. I was at home doing not very much apart from surfing the InterWeb and occasionally glancing at the TV, but I actually didn't feel like drinking. Not like me at all. Maybe I'm becoming menopausal (don't bother emailing me, I know!).

Choir practice tonight has been cancelled at exceptionally short notice due to lack of numbers, so I will be meeting up with some friends in The Primary for a bite to eat and a wee swally of beer. Maybe drinking and abstaining on alternate days is the way forward!

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