Friday, December 08, 2006

There goes the shark ...

And the image I'm trying to purge is that of a middle aged bloke, someone known to me, faking an orgasm.

At least I think it was faked. Hard to tell since I've never actually seen him having a real one, to the best of my knowledge!

A few weeks ago a friend from the choir received an email containing a link to a website which is essentially an advert for the Nick Nairn Cook School where some might say (not me, obviously) that one is encouraged to pay stupid amounts of money to a pretentious twat to learn how to heat stuff up properly.

You can see it for yourself if you like, but although it isn't remotely x-rated or anything some might consider it as a bit disturbing so I'd advise some caution. If you insist though, and I have to say Hell mend you if you do, then you can find the video by clicking here. For those who know the same people I know, see if you can spot anyone familiar. And for a bonus point, see if you can guess whether he's faking it!

Me, I'm just off to poke out my mind's eye!

On an unrelated topic a friend, Father Kenny, who used to be at the Cathedral a number of years ago has now started a Blog. There's a permanent link in the sidebar on the left. Kenny is a good guy and I'm looking forward to reading his Blog regularly.

And the title of this post is from the phrase oft used by GS which goes along the lines of "well there goes the shark from my nightmares" when something more scary and disturbing has replaced it!

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