Monday, December 11, 2006

Just Google it

Good advice I think you'll agree!

This morning, the first day of a week of holiday, I was up and about not long after 7am. The Cathedral choir was singing live on BBC Radio 4 LW on the Daily Service. Only 15 minutes, and only 3 hymns, so not too stressful, considering it was live radio. In the unlikely event you'd like to hear it, for the next 7 days it's available by clicking here then selecting the "listen again" link for 11th December. Don't know what it sounded like though. Far too early on a Monday morning to sing properly! We even did a metrical psalm. What are we, Presbyterians all of a sudden!

The weather here is absolutely crap (well I am on holiday after all) so I've done nowt since returning from the broadcast except lie on the sofa watching UKTV History and listening to the rain battering the window. I might venture outdoors tomorrow if it's a bit better, and at least now I'm much better informed about Isambard Kindom Brunel's ship The Great Eastern, and about the building of the Panama Canal!

Went into the all new Junkyard Dog on Saturday night. Loud music, no real ale, and a pint of Kronenbourg Blanc cost me £4.20! That's the last £4.20 they'll get from me I think! Robbing bastards!

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