Friday, November 03, 2006

Pepys etc

Here's the view I've had for the past couple of hours.

My wonderful new bike has been a wee bit sick for the past few weeks with a battery which just refused to hold any charge. Consequently I ordered a replacement battery from the motorcycle dealer (not a BMW dealer) to whom I sold my previous bike a few years ago and when I spoke to them yesterday afternoon they said they could fit it this morning while I waited if I got there for them opening at 9am. I duly arranged to start work about 10am, since the garage had estimated that it wouldn't take any more than about half an hour's work.

How wrong they were!

I did my bit. I arrived at five to nine, and then spent the next three and a half hours standing in the service department while the mechanics found themselves on a learning curve which first showed them that the battery on a BMW R1100RT is actually located directly under the fuel tank and is therefore somewhat of a bastard to replace, involving removal of part of the fairing and the moving of said tank. To cut a long story slightly shorter I finally arrived at work some time after 1pm and since it was Friday we all finished about half past 3. A day well spent!

So anyway, not having had the use of the bike for a few weeks I decided that tonight I'd blow away the cobwebs a wee bit so took a trip from Glasgow up the M80 past Falkirk to Edinburgh (and around it for an hour) and then back along the M8 to Glasgow. It was rather dark so I didn't push the speed too much, although I managed well into three figures. Ah, adrenaline, the natural drug of choice! You can't beat the high it gives you.

So now next week is annual leave and I intend maybe spending a night away somewhere, possibly the Lake District.

Did I mention last night yet? All Souls service in the Cathedral went really well. Nicely put together and with good music, albeit it felt not as secure as makes for comfort! Durufle Requiem.

Anyway, it's late. And so to bed.

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