Monday, October 30, 2006

Honey, please calm down!

Just starting to get back into normal life after recent ludicrous hours of working. I've just got this week to go then off on holiday for a week.

My lovely motorcycle is slightly ill at the moment, having a dead battery, but I've got a new one (battery that is, not bike) on order so it should be fixed in a day or two after which I think I might bugger off to the Lake District overnight next week for a wee break and to maybe look into my family tree which is partially, but substantially, based in Cumbria. Perhaps a casual look at some graveyards would be the order of the day, followed by a night in a pub of course. Unfortunately a friend, MH, isn't available to go away at short notice, and in fact wouldn't go on the bike anyway, but I'm happy enough with my own company, particularly if in a pub, so that's OK.

An excellent weekend just finished at the cathedral. A wedding on Saturday (which I missed on account of a superabundance of alcohol on Friday night), which sounds as if it was, let's say, interesting ......

After the wedding some of the choir went to the Junkyard Dog and I joined them there having recovered enough to be able to scoff beer again. Thereafter half a dozen of us went to the restaurant across the road for food, and then back to the Dog. A good night.

Sunday morning went well, with the Victoria anthem O quam gloriosum. FW, CW and MW were missing because MW had been competing in the final of the BBC Radio 2 Choirgirl of the Year competition in Westminster Abbey in London. It's being broadcast next weekend so it wouldn't be fair to announce the winner in advance, but no matter whether she wins or loses she has done incredibly well to have got to the final and I for one am proud of her. I remember being there in Wells at a summer week of the Marian Consort 16 years ago when her father, our choirmaster FW, dropped her, from a fair height, on her head onto a stone floor. My how we laughed!

Evensong was excellent. Both EJ and AK were there while briefly back in Glasgow from Cambridge and speaking personally as ever it was a pleasure to sing with AK. At one point on Cantoris we had me, GS, AK and FW blasting out the tenor part of one of the hymns, so apologies to the front row for the line up of human trombones behind them! I have it on good authority that it was also a pleasure to sing alto beside EJ too. And it's always great to share a wee swally with them afterwards.

No real reason for the image. I just quite like it!

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  1. ...and word of the week, in case you were wondering, was "triumph".