Sunday, September 24, 2006

Forgotten pleasures

There are so many things about being a biker that I had forgotten: The sheer exhilaration caused by the awesome acceleration; the jousting with car drivers in a traffic jam on the motorway when they pretend not to have seen you filtering up between the lines of slow moving cars and so they "accidentally" move over to an edge of their lane to try to block your progress (doesn't work guys, I'll still get past you!); and this morning brought a wee smile to my face with another suddenly remembered effect of riding.

It was raining heavily this morning as I got up to go to the Cathedral. As I looked out the window I thought I'd maybe take the car instead of the bike, but that would have meant manhandling the bike out the garage in order to get the car out before manhandling the 44 stone beast back in, only to repeat in reverse later when I got home. No, not for me. No one is going to accuse me of being a fair weather biker (upon whom in years gone past I gently and benignly looked down when I was riding about in the snow at Christmas, or the fog/ice/torrential rain at all other times of the year in Scotland!) so out I went on two wheels.

Now gentle readers you might like to skip the next bit because it contains a graphic reference to male bits. When it is raining heavily, and it really has to be quite heavy to do this, the rain obviously lands all over a rider and flows downwards down the clothing, obeying gravity. To a certain extent, if it's raining hard enough, some of this water gathers at the front of the seat, just between the legs. If you are wearing fully waterproof clothing this is never a problem, but if like me this morning you are wearing leather then the water soaks in a wee bit. You don't notice this though until there is a sudden shock as cold water reaches your nadgers. It is a big shock, but it only lasts a few moments because nadgers being generally warm furry creatures the water soon warms up to body temperature and all you have then is warm wet pants. This is one of biking's little pleasures!

I am now home, my leathers are hanging up drying nicely, and I have replaced said nether garments with nice dry ones.

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