Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jimmy Jams, alcohol, and a big wuss!

Strange how selling your house puts a different perspective on how much you care about what the neighbours think of you! I've just been out in the garden in my pyjamas with a glass of wine in my hand. This may of course also be connected to my total food intake this evening. Half a packet of Maryland Choc Chip 'n' Hazelnut Cookies, almost half a bottle of Shiraz, and of course a modicum of Gin & Tonic. Food of the gods. Or is it maybe food of the temporarily emotionally crippled? The jury's out on that one.

A bad evening tonight, for reasons which will remain unspecified. When was the last time you cried in the toilets of Braehead Shopping Centre? It's not as if the shops are all that bad ......

Good news though from my friend IF who is on the edge of a possible career development.

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