Sunday, July 09, 2006

Good days, Bad days

I've had a good day today, after a bad one yesterday.

Yesterday my wife moved out of our house. That's essentially the "various things in my life" which prompted me to start this Blog and to which I alluded in my first post. We have been leading up to this, and now actually have split up. I have no intention of expanding on any of the reasons or background to this though. It is no one's business but ours. Yesterday was a bad day.

Today was good though. I visited a friend who I have known, and liked, for a few years through work, but I have not really got to know properly. We visited St Andrews and Anstruther, both in Fife, and ate fish & chips while sitting looking at the harbour. We then sat on a wall and watched the waves washing over the rocks below while talking about what each of us wanted from our respective lives in the immediate and longer-term future. The bottom line is that neither of us really knows what we want, but I guess we aren't alone in that!

After leaving Fife I went to the Junkyard Dog and met GS for a couple of beers. Later some others joined us, those of the choir who had been to the evening service despite it being the choir holiday, and one or two of the congregation, and it was particularly nice to persuade BJP to accept a drink and sit and chat with us for a while. We were sitting outside the pub, and just accosted him as he walked past. It's a long time since I've had a pint with BJP, and it was good tonight. We had our differences for a very short time in the past, a time of which I am not proud and have several regrets, and I am EXTREMELY glad that we have since made up. I owe him a lot, musically, as he was the choirmaster when I first joined the cathedral choir in 1983.

Anyway, a mixed weekend. Here's hoping the future good days will outweigh the bad!

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