Friday, June 23, 2006

Technology untamed

Maybe it's because it's still emerging technology, but the signal I'm getting on the wee aerial supplied with the USB stick isn't good enough for the software to actually find any TV stations although it finds lots of radio stations. I think this area is crap for Digital TV reception though, at least that's what the aerial man told us when he gave us a quote to have our aerial fitted when we bought this place 3 years ago, and surely he wasn't lying when he said we'd need the more expensive kit!

At home when I plug the fly-lead from the rooftop aerial into the USB stick I get a frighteningly good reception, and when I stick the supplied tiny magnetic aerial onto a 5ft high empty Calor gas cylinder sitting outside the building I'm currently working in then it again works fine, but the wee aerial on its own just won't find the TV signals. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying the kit so that I can access TV on the laptop really!

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