Monday, June 19, 2006

One day at a time!

Ahh! Another of my philosophies!

I vividly remember my first time, when I lost my virginity I suppose. It was when I used to work shifts and in the second summer of doing so I arrived home after a nightshift at about 0700hrs in balmy heat and bright sunshine. I was a bit tired, but thought to myself "I could do with a drink" but immediately thought "get a grip on yourself, it's 7 in the bloody morning you lush!" and went to bed. The following morning, and the next, the cravings were there again, until I finally realised what all shift workers must realise - it may be 7 in the morning, but it's MY 5pm.

And so I poured myself a LARGE Gin and Tonic and sat at the window watching all the drones setting off for work.

God I slept well that day.

And that M'Lud is why I have no hangups about drinking at ANY time of the day I want to. I rarely, indeed basically never, do, but if I wanted a drink at 9 in the morning I wouldn't think twice. And I commend that philosophy to y'all!

I have just been copying some images from the home PC to the laptop, and I feel there may be some photos to blog soon.

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