Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Valentine's Day for men

Can I take this opportunity to wish you a happy Steak and a Blowjob Day!

Yes, really! Follow the link.


  1. Damn, I missed it! Though maybe I mention it, I can get some left-overs tonight.

  2. I'm assuming that you're just sending happy wishes to everyone, not offering the services.

  3. Sir Monocle, picture the scenario. You inadvertantly forget to give your good lady anything on Valentine's day. A few days later, as soon as you remember, or as soon as you wiork out why she's not speaking to you anyway, you really will have to provide what should have been her undeniable right on the actual day, even if that's by then after the event. So I reckon that your other half owes you for Saturday!

    Andrew, I have no objection to gentlemen who provide such services to other gentlemen, although it doesn't float my own boat, and the only service you'll get from me in that regard is the provision of the information for you guys and gals to exploit. So go for it!

  4. It might be. Being largely devoid of hair I don't know what a blow-dry is like. On the other hand, I can heartily recommend .........!